Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back to the 80s

with Vlada in Numero Tokyo June/July issue ..


Australian Vogue Covers

All of the Australian models have their own Vogue covers. Latest to add into the list is none other than Myf Shepherd. I think Skye Stracke deserve her own cover. She started before Myf and had her fair share of editorials around the world. One thing Skye lacks is because she's always being compared to Tanya D and had not been very well received by the designers. Only Chanel frequent her. Skye also lacks the "buzz". When Catherine, Abbey Lee and Myf first appeared, the fashion scene almost went crazy over them. Abbey Lee do not have to wait long to score a Gucci campaign and I can see that Myf is also a favourite for editorials. ANTM (Australia, not America, mind you) 3rd cycle winner Alice Burdue is also doing OK but are currently missing for the last fall fashion show. Which make me think, are the brunettes in Australia are more successful than the blondes and redhead? Or is it just a coincidence that Catherine, Abbey and Myf just happen to be a brunnette?

Brunette, Red then Black

Almost black as Coco put in her blog.

Which hair color do you is most suitable for her? I still like her as a brunette. It compliments her fair skin the most. She looks almost pale in red hair, albeit very fierce. Now, we just need to get used to the black hair. I agree that Coco can adapt to the changes of her hair color. She looks good in all of them!

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Cowgirl Freja

Good to see Freja back in action. More here.

(source: tfs @ MAGstyle)

Sasha's Wedding Party

I have no idea why they would put Jessica Stam, Hana Soukopova and Irina Kulikova in this editorial . It seems like a random choice. This is Sasha's wedding theme, the least the Vogue team could do is put Vlada and Snejana in it. Then, it would be a more convincing editorial. Sasha is beautiful as the bride but she kept her fierceness. Nice to see her family members featured rather than just her and her husband.

(from: tfs)

Vogue US : Pieced Together

Interesting to see the combination of Chanel Iman, Caroline Trentini, Lily Donaldson, Karlie Kloss and Anna Jagodzinska in a studio shoot. Usually there will only be two or three models involved.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Du Juan & Kasia Struss in JCrew Catalog

I like these shots. It makes me want to buy these clothes. Both are pretty but I like Kasia Struss better. Her pose is her strength.


Bleach Blondes

First was Iekeliene. Then, Daul Kim. Now, Raquel Zimmermann has gone platinum blonde too!
Her first preview with Vogue Nippon is breathtakingly beautiful. Rumors has it that she scored a few campaigns just because she dyed her hair. Well, we'll just have to wait until the campaigns comes out.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everybody is talking about...

Who will helm the #1 position at after Raquel Zimmermann end her 2 years run at the first position.

The votes are in and it's a battle between Natasha Poly and Lara Stone, both who are the "Faces of the Moment" for the May edition of US Vogue.

For me, it's quite clear that Natasha Poly will be chosen rather than Lara Stone simply because she's the veteran here, she's got more campaigns, walks almost all of the important shows, is one of the best catwalker around and recently appeared at the Cannes Film Festival.

But Lara Stone is certainly the underdog here. She is currently on the height of her career having an entire Vogue Paris dedicated to her.

Only have the answer and for the moment, Raquel remains as number one.

Stay tuned for the result!

(images from, tfs and fashionologie)

Vogue Paris June/July 2009: Anja Rubik

Who knows Anja Rubik can be a pin-up girl? She finally gets a deserving Vogue cover. Congrats!

(from: tfs)

Jac in Vogue Paris!

A good start, I should say although her pose are quite boring but this is just her first editorial for any Vogue. I'm sure there will a lot more in the future. I like the first shot where they focused in her face. That is her strength. She has such sharp cheekbones that it makes her look so mature. Sometimes, I just tend to forget that she's just 15.

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