Monday, August 31, 2009

Vogue Nippon Oct 2009: Raquel Zimmermann

When I look at the cover, omg, another dreadful one with the letter covering the model's face. Nevertheless, Raquel poses like no other- a little Diva-ish for me. I like the LV outfit without the bunny ears. The editorial that follow, No Place To Think About Tomorrow is just drop dead amazing, Raquel in her best element. By the way, Raquel manage to retain her number one spot at after all the debate whether Natasha Poly or Lara Stone will surpass her. With this kind of amount of campaigns, editorials and covers, clearly Raquel is still on the top of her game and there's surely no signs of her slowing down yet.

(cover via, images via tfs @ rumc)

Unexpected Trio

Sasha, Ash, Anna, Will, Max, Christian, Jamie by Steven Meisel
Vogue Italia September 2009

Unexpectedly AMAZING!

(scans by Blacklab @ tfs)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Live from NYC

Sasha and Freja rocking it from Mario Testino's upward angle shooting. I like the collaboration of both models. They projecteed their individuality into it but somehow managed to balance each other. Sasha is more into the lense while Freja is looking at somewhere else and it works. I like how cool this editorial turns out to be. For more, click here.

(pics via tfs @ TERRYWORLD)

Fashion Night Out

Thursday, August 20, 2009

V 61 :Supreme/ Women special edition

Lovin it!

(pics from Supreme Management)

Paper Bag Princess

Sasha Pivovarova looking chic even though dressed in torn out designer paper bags. I love this idea of toying with the recession involving fashion. The genius people at W.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is the shot

Which amazes me so much when I look at it, all the girls are so happy and I can see that its' environment is very easy. More magazines should feature shots like this. It's so natural and believable. My only complain is Jourdan, she should not have look down or maybe the photographer shot when's she's just not ready. Apart from that, I'm just happy these cheerful girls. Makes me want to buy this issue.

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Double Lara

Two different cover. Same model. Lara Stone. This girl is so versatile. The Vogue Paris cover proved that she can be a soft, delicate old Hollywood icon without having to show sexy as she always does. The Numero cover is classic Lara. Fierce and daring and 100% Lara. From sexy and modern to old movie siren. I think there's already someone out there to fill in Kate Moss' shoes. None other than Lara Stone, of course.

(scans from tfs @ Laetitia and MagFan)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Streetstyle Galore

Fun and cute. Models looking their best during fashion week.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009


The horrendous Gucci campaign which I loved more and more day by day seeing only Freja and Anja rocking it in every shot they were in. I don't get Raquel's poses which I thought were funnier than fierce but Raquel being her always pulled out the most outstanding poses. I have to say that she is the only one who's not afraid of doing something different though most of us (me included) do not know how to appreciate it. Natasha did fierce in all of her shots which did not fail her but seeing it in all 8 shots makes it a little boring. Abbey, Myf, Jacquetta, Dree and Jamie are more like sidekicks here. Poor Myf, she have to stand in the background doing the same poses. If I have not noticed, I would have thought she was just cut and paste into the background. Jamie does not fit into this campaign at all- she is lost in almost all of her pics. Jacquetta has the worst outfit and hairstyle. She looks like she belongs to the guys more than the girls. Abbey and Dree- where do I start? First of all, they're more like cameos in this ad, appearing in a shot and then disappeared and appear in another shot. Their presence is forgettable. To sum it all, a rather disappointing campaign given that the cast most of the top models. Gucci could have done much better and please, why don't they change the models' outfits. It's the same as in Pre-Fall where the same outfits were used in all of their ads. Please change this formula. Is it really working, I wonder.

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