Sunday, September 27, 2009

Atelier Versace


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A First

In a very long time (or never), exclusive runway spots at Gucci and Prada are never meant for Asian models. But, it is to change this season by having Liu Wen in both of the coveted spot. Liu Wen had been actively walking down the runway for all fashion capital cities since her debut. But, this is her first time walking for Gucci and Prada and also, may I say, the first time (or in a very long time) both brands ever cast an Asian girl to walk their runway. Last season, Liu Wen walked the most shows along side Yulia Kharlapanova. Liu Wen was everywhere this season albeit a more toned down schedule if compared to last season. One more capital left, any more surprises from Liu Wen? This we'll just have to wait and see.

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Versace Updated

The website is back and are working fine. The Atelier Versace collection is also up but I have yet to view it. You can see the SS2010 video once you enter the website but mine is of a mediocre quality. The video on youtube is of better quality. I have checked and found out that the soundtrack stopped halfway and continued on later. Don't be surprised. This is what happens also in the website. Now, watch the video and be Va Va Voom by Versace.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gucci Next

These are new!
Gucci in the best form of sexiness, glam and class!

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Va Va Voom Versace

As you may or may not know, is in its' 'renovation' and will be back in a few hours time. Well, I am definitely eager to view into its' website once it's up considering that it's the first place where the Spring Summer 2010 fashion show video will be up. A glimpse at its' preview left me wanting for more.

Moreover, this season Versace hottens its' collection with lots of colors and prints. The collection itself is very vibrant, very fresh, very young , very sexy and true to its' name very Versace. Many has claimed that this collection is very Gianni Versace- era, maybe Donatella is paying a tribute to her dear brother but nonetheless, like every Versace collection, this does not disappoint and as this collection is for Spring Summer, it fits in very well. I loved all the pastel colors used. The prints are a little distracting, not the best to be used but all are forgiven when those gowns are to die-for.The outfits aside, the shoes are a little tacky and the bags are just so-so. Not a fan of their accesories.

And, for once, I think that the casting are a little odd. The Versace veterans like Raquel, Carmen , Daria and Isabeli did not walk. They are nowhere to be seen in Milan. Some familiar names like Natasha Poly, Sasha, Freja, Karlie, Lily Donaldson, Snejana and Vlada reprise their role as regular Versace catwalkers while Abbey Lee opens and closed the show.

New girls like Mirte Maas (which fit in), Ginta Lapina and Katlin Aas debuted at their first Versace show but, as weird as this might sound, these girls looks like other models who have walked Versace . Mirte looks like Agnete Heghlund, Ginta is like Viktoriya Sasonkina and for some reason, I think that Katlin Aas looks like Coco Rocha here, maybe because of their hair color. I'm excited to see Skye, Jac, Imogen and Nimue there.

Iris and Ranya was there too, they are just everywhere nowadays but Versace? Iris -OK but Ranya? I just don't know what to say. Ranya belongs more to the cool kind of vibe, I don't see any sexiness in her walk.Another surprise is when Rianne Ten Haken walked.

Now, are that are left is the video. I'm wondering how many more hours do they need for the website to function...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Backstage Beauty

Some pics from jdvision twitter. I love how natural the girls look in the photograph. Enjoy!

Freja Freja Freja! on TwitpicMy baby Hanne on TwitpicAbbey Lee looks amazing this season! on TwitpicI love me some Magdalena! on TwitpicSasha P on TwitpicHi Jessica Stam! on Twitpic

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Live on Net : Burberry

For those of you who, like me, missed the Burberry show, fear not, thank god we have youtube.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

MIA and Hair (Color)

Even with a showcard, Agyness is a no show at NY and although there's rumor that she purposely dyed her hair black to walk for Marc Jacobs, it turns out to be just a rumor after all.
And, as mentioned earlier, Jessica Stam only walks 2 shows for NY this season -at Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs. Plus, she is the latest addition to the models dyeing their hair bleach blonde. She's looking lovely though. Anja Rubik finally appear at Michael Kors and although in my last post, I have posted that Vlada shed her red hair to blonde again, another model Kasia Struss also went with a lighter shade. This season, it's all about the models' hair and going MIA.

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