Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stunning CK

So far, images of Liu Wen and Constance have appeared and I should applaud the team for doing a job well done. This is so much better than last season- the casting of the models compliments each other too. Liu Wen and Constance are strikingly beautiful. I love how they blend the reds, whites and blues. Seems like a masterpiece to me.

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Blouson Noir lookbookwith Freja and Lily D as the models.
So beautiful, simple and feminine.
Love it!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Special Effects

Gosh, I lurrrve black and white.
Especially with special effects like this Jill Stuart ad.
And I love how the brand's name in pastel pink. It totally stands out.

Notice the focus on the models' expression as extension to their hair? It's actually the same as their head shots but the geniuses at Jill Stuart just make it much striking by adding some special effects.
Loving the killer pose, the killer expression and the most outstanding newcomers- Hannah Holman and Frida (they're my top ten, remember?). I'm just so happy that they're doing so well.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sonia Rykiel's girls

Ooh La La
This is like the perfect campaign for the collection.
I could not imagine it being otherwise. Marike and Alana is the perfect combination for this campaign. The sombre mood, make up, background , clothes and the accessories is well blended here. Nothing outshines one another- all are well balanced here.
Loving this campaign!

(pics from tfs @ *Bianca*)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The New Batch

Kudos to Vogue China again for featuring such a stellar new casts.

Models from Liu Wen to Kiki Kang; Hanne and Patricia van de Vliet; Karlie Kloss and Mirte Maas; Du Juan, Philip Huang and Shu Pei and others are featured in the February issue. Although the cover itself is a pretty one, I would very much prefer Liu Wen to be on the cover. I don't understand how she could be the most sought after Chinese fashion model at this time and yet she's not granted for a Chinese Vogue cover. I don't mean that Shu Pei does not deserve it- she does but I just feel that it is extremely unfair to Liu Wen. At that peak period of Du Juan's modeling time, she has graced so many of Chinese Vogue covers (and still counting). Mirte, on the other hand, looks amazing here. I like the white Gucci dress they wore and the gold font. So pure- like.

Editorials that caught my attention are :

Hanne's Under My Skin

and Karlie's Perfect Sport.

(all pics by Kazaf @ tfs)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Calvin Klein's Jac?

Gucci has Natasha Poly. Sasha was a Prada muse. Freja for Chanel.

With the second season running as the Calvin Klein model, is she the next Natalia Vodianova? I;m a big fan of Jac although she's just so young. From her debut, she has stormed the modeling world and in just a year, she's the most wanted newcomer on the runway, scored Calvin Klein campaign and has been featured regularly in editorials. The first image for the campaign is stunning! If she keeps her momentum going, she will be the next big thing, maybe even joining the ranks like Natalia. Jac and Calvin Klein. Seems pretty matching.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 ads

New campaign images are already starting to surface one after another. Here's a few of the major ads.

Yves Saint Laurent

Typical YSL with Natalia Vodianova.


Never get sick of Natasha Poly for Gucci though I secretly wish for Freja to be in it as well. Looks very much like their previous Cruise campaign but nevertheless a good one. Love the background and how Natasha works her body.

Louis Vuitton

Not too LV but Lara Stone is better any day, any way than Madonna. Thank You.


Rasa Zukauskaite work it like a mannequin following exactly as on the runway. Such an amazing model choice and equally great campaign. Simplicity at its' best!


I'm totally biased. Anything with Freja is good. But honestly, I think the pairing of Freja and Baptiste is better than last season maybe because this collection is more neutral and they are paired together. Most have noticed that Freja and Baptiste share similar facial features thus making it more convincing. Claudia's solo shot is not bad too. I'm tremendously happy that Karl focuses as much on Freja as he did with Freja although Freja have to share with Baptiste most in most of the images but still...


Karlie Kloss with her famous killer stare. It looks awkward with the collection. Try to be softer next time.


Rapunzel, Karlie let down your Hermes scarves. Totally dreamy and beautiful and soft.


Surprisingly Anja Rubik delivers.


Striking! A contrast between soft and fierce. Another outstanding as with Maria Carla Boscono (she just fits in for Givenchy) and Natalia Vodianova.

Dolce & Gabbana

Better than LV. Almost convinced with Madonna's look here.


As if having Emma Watson as the campaign girl is not bad enough, Burberry decided to front a brother sister team by including her brother Alex Watson (and a few other male models). I like Emma, don't get me wrong. But she is just too young for such a respected highly luxurious brand. If she was to model for the Blue or Black label will be totally fine but for such a strong collection, it just falls flat and does not deliver. Sorry.

Bottega Veneta

Nice. Such a beautiful potrayal. So natural it's modeling at its' best or they're just plain relaxing.

Giorgio Armani

Sweet Nimue Smit in such a dark strong vision. Love her pose, love Nimue, hate the lighting, hate the setting. Usual Armani stuff.


Looks like '90s ad. The collection itself is very retro. Like it, it could turn out much worse but I'm glad pulled it through. They could find a better model though.


The focus is on the bag, isn't it? The Alexa bag. It's nice but why can't I stop looking at Sasha and Viktoriya's ridiculous wigs?


I'm usually more than happy to see a model's face on any campaign but Lanvin proves otherwise, if it's a full frontal shot of Jamie Bochert, I think I will not be interested but it's her body language that works it for me. It's working for the collection too. Pretty amazing!

All in all, I'm just relieved that designers/ fashion brands are starting to use more models to front their campaigns rather than opting for celebrities. This is a kick-start to 2010 with a few amazing campaigns (and some rather disappointing ones) but it seems that 2010 is focusing more on simplicity. Pretty bold background with great modeling. If this is the trend, well, I, for one, welcomes it. By the way, hopes it's not too late to wish everybody Happy 2010!

(images from and tfs)

Headless Trend?

How cool is this?

Celine and Prada both opt to preview their campaigns by showing only the collections without focusing on the model. Celine is focusly simplistic , only showing strictly the clothes and bags - cropping out the models head. Meanwhile, Prada left us with stunning mannequin like images fronted by Rasa Zukauskaite.