Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The New Batch

Kudos to Vogue China again for featuring such a stellar new casts.

Models from Liu Wen to Kiki Kang; Hanne and Patricia van de Vliet; Karlie Kloss and Mirte Maas; Du Juan, Philip Huang and Shu Pei and others are featured in the February issue. Although the cover itself is a pretty one, I would very much prefer Liu Wen to be on the cover. I don't understand how she could be the most sought after Chinese fashion model at this time and yet she's not granted for a Chinese Vogue cover. I don't mean that Shu Pei does not deserve it- she does but I just feel that it is extremely unfair to Liu Wen. At that peak period of Du Juan's modeling time, she has graced so many of Chinese Vogue covers (and still counting). Mirte, on the other hand, looks amazing here. I like the white Gucci dress they wore and the gold font. So pure- like.

Editorials that caught my attention are :

Hanne's Under My Skin

and Karlie's Perfect Sport.

(all pics by Kazaf @ tfs)


Tian said...

WOW. I really need to get hold of a copy! This edition looks amazing!

Elvis Tsui said...

totally in love with karlie,but she is lack of poses

meggasus said...

I'm usually not a fan of Karlie but I LOOOVE her in this editorial by Patrick Demarchelier. ALSO, Hanne is one of my favorite models of all time but I find this last editorial or her pretty dull.