Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alberta Ferretti Fall Winter 09/10

Last fall ad campaign was great.This fall is second to that. New girls like Dorothea, Madisyn and Nimue together with Viktoriya shines in this campaign, all doing a great job at the same time without overshadowing the others. I love the concept and the clothes and the cast of these models. Everything is wonderful at Alberta Ferretti.

(scans by jssy4eva@tfs)

I'm a man and a woman

Raquel Zimmermann rocking Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 09/10 Campaign.
I like the creativity of using Raquel as both the male and female model. This is something unique indeed but not convincing enough. I like the black and white effect but simply put, Raquel is not masculine enough or the other way round, means that she's more feminine looking in both version. Well, this is just my opinion, what do you think?

(scans from shely@tfs)

Vogue Beauty : Prime Time

For once, I do not know where to start or which pic to choose from. This is just how captivating these beauty shots are. Although it's obvious that Julia Dunstall is more like the main star here, both Daul Kim and Iekeliene shots do not fall far behind. That is why I decided to post the whole editorial. Kudos for Daul for making it in Vogue Nippon because by far, this particular Vogue is famous for favoring Western models. One similarity that the three models have are their hair color- platinum blonde. Now, where is Raquel? On another note, Daul posted on her blog:
"i grew up in super muslim area in malaysia when i was a child

it was in terenganu so its not same, but really simmilar !!!"

Cool! I'm from Malaysia too, glad to know that this hot model once grew up here.

(scans from MAGstyle@tfs)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ADN De La Mode : Vogue Paris August 2009

Amazing editorials with lots of models.
More digitally here or click for scans here, here and here.

(scans by AngelLover@tfs)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Fall Campaigns


This is a new dark side to the usual soft vibrant Valentino campaign. Iris Strubegger is perfection looking so fierce. Great model, great ad.


When you look at Lara Stone, you can't help thinking sexy and this is quite the direction of where the ad is going. She definitely pops out amongst the guys and this is quite a good campaign.


Jessica Stam surrounded by misty fog. Mysteriously amazing!

Calvin Klein

My fave newcomer, Monika Jagaciak scores the Calvin Klein ad. She looks great but all the attention goes to her. Simply said, Jac is the main focus here, the clothes second. If this happens to an ad campaign, I don't think it's quite successful.

Roberto Cavalli

Karen Elson and Isabeli Fontana combined to form a very convincing ad.

Miu Miu

A bunch of newcomers, some I haven't heard of. Here's Hannah Holman, possibly the most known out of the bunch since she opened Miu Miu and closed Prada Resort 2010. Previously, Miu Miu are known for using celebrities (ie. Katie Holmes, Kristen Dunst) to front their campaign so it's a breath of fresh air that it is using models again.


I have been waiting for this campaign for a while mainly because I'm so interested to see how Freja would end up like. This is something unexpected. Most of Karl Lagerfeld's campaign are based indoor. It turns out well, I must say, especially for this pic.

Jil Sander

One word: Structural. One model: Only Natasha Poly can rock this!

Michael Kors

Typical Michael Kors campaign with same old models, Carmen Kass and Noah Mills.

Jill Stuart

Karmen Pedaru. Normal, nothing exciting but at least this girl got a campaign.


Not liking this just because it looks similar to the previous DSquared S/S09 ad. Jourdan Dunn and Sigrid Argen looks like the young version of Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista.

Alberta Ferrertti

Have always loved their campaigns and this does not dissappoint. Plus points for using new crop of models- Nimue, Dorothea, Madisyn and Viktoriya- all top new girls which I loved!


Too much photoshop ruins a decent campaign. If the girls weren't looking fake, it would be a good campaign. Why make them look like a mannequin if you're using top models for this campaign? Might as well just use mannequin instead of Karlie Kloss, Kasia Struss and Sigrid Argen.

Dolce and Gabbana

The combination of Heidi Mount, Edita and Maria Carla are better than last season but still flat.


Kate Moss and Daria Werbowy. Two supermodels. What more do you expect?


Emma Watson, my darling English rose.


Same as in the Miu Miu case and previous season, I couldn't identify the models. This is not as good as last season. Interesting but kind of mediocre.


The departure of the studio shoots brings a solemn dark but fierce campaign. I never thought that all of these girls combined would make it look so powerful. If given there's only Iris, Ranya, Maria Carla and Leonor, I wouldn't be surprised but Adriana Lima totally transforms here. Job well done!

Stella McCartney

Why would Sigrid look so bored, I don't know. This girl have to learn to cheer up a little considering she's been surrounded by cute animation like Bambi and co. I think that this campaign would be a lot better if there's some interaction going on between Sigrid and Bambi. That would be more interesting and it will also be nice to see Sigrid smile.

Emanuel Ungaro

Skye Stracke and Aminata Niaria unexpectedly hype this campaign out with those killer pose and expression. It's about time for Skye to be taken more seriously of.

Gianfranco Ferre

Karolin Walter looking sharp- at whatever angle you see this!


Very artistic but same as last season. No complain here, though, as the model selection which includes Magdalena, Guinevere van Seenus and Marcel is near perfection here.


Boring, boring, boring! The least they could do is change the model. How many times do they want to use Gisele? Or Kate Moss?

Oscar de la Renta

My only complain is Anna Jagodzinska looks like she's in another editorial shot for US Vogue by Craig McDean.

Giorgio Armani

Raquel looking as sharp and fierce as Sasha did for last season. Another superb campaign!


Amazingly I don't think that Irina Kulikova and Kasia Struss looks like two crazy ladies that got lost in the woods holding on to their designers' (Mulberry) bag. I would honestly prefer this to the usual studio shots for the previous few campaigns. At the very least, Mulberry is bringing something different this time.


Seriously, my fave ad from the bunch. Can you get any better than having Sasha Pivovarova, Natasha Poly and Anna Selezneva to front this campaign? The fiercest of the lot. Two words: Russian Invasion.One word: Cheekbones.

Bottega Veneta

I don't hate this ad. I think Anna Jagodzinska brings a sense of maturity and sensuality to this. Eddie Klint is not bad too. But, I don't think that it looks luxurious if you're walking at what looks like a backstage or renovation site. What are they doing there?


Love the concept and background. Love Freja and her androgynous look.


Alana Zimmer looks bored and sleepy but I still love her. I thank Akris for choosing her to front this campaign.

J Brand

A more commercial brand but because Freja's in it, I just have to post. Sometimes, I wonder, this kind of simple shots are better than those kind of famous photographer-snapping famous models-at famous places-for famous brands.


Plain pretty 60's inspired with Constance Jablonski.

DKNY Jeans

Nothing different from last season. Same concept different models. Sophie Srej looks nice here, though.

BCBG MaxAzria

Targetting a younger group? Imogen looks pretty here. Other than that, normal ad.

Pringle of Scotland

Need I say more? Love it. Love Karlie.


Vibrant colours. A total switch from the usual campaigns with Vlada and Jessica Stam previously. The 8 models- (from left) Alyona Osmanova, Anna Gushina, Lyndsey Scott, Rosie Tupper, Giedre Dukauskaite, Daiane Conterato, Liu Wen and Diana F looks like Parisian chic girls.


Couldn't really identify these girls. It's refreshing that D&G changes the setting this time around. Works for me (at least).


One day, I wish they could stop jumping. Karlie and Ali Stephens looks odd here.


Same as J Brand, this is a more commercial brand but I'm impressed that they use top models- Sasha and Eniko who looks fabolously great in each shots. The collection is also by another top model, Coco Rocha, click here and here. I wonder why they did not use Coco for this campaign. It seems like she owns it own their website and catalogue.

Pepe Jeans

Another commercial brand. Did you spot Jesus Luz? Anyways, Agnete, Anabela and Hanne Gaby looks good here.

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