Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fantastical Vogue China

It's not even September and Vogue China has comes out with such an outstanding issue! Sigrid Argen debuts in her first Vogue cover ( and many more to come,I believe) in this amazingly beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress.

Sigrid is, nonetheless, looking sparkling good on the cover but wait until you see what's inside. Continuing the amazing cover is a follow-up editorial titled "C'est Chic". Chic she is.

Last month, Anna Selezneva was capturing in her 32-pages editorial. This month, she is in "Be A Skin Diva", looking sensually captivating.

As every month that follows, Du Juan is a must for Vogue China. She is like a mascot to the magazine. Perharps, if there is no Du Juan, there will be no Vogue China. Du Juan is after all, dare I say, the most successful Chinese model. Yet I find this editorial an inspiring piece,most definitely because of all the things on going and I must say, the supporting models are what makes Du Juan stands out. She looks like a mentor to them.

Then, comes the must have studio shoot with Natasha Poly. Nothing quite special here except that Natasha Poly rarely appears on Vogue China and this is quite a surprise.

"Scientific Glamour" is where Eniko Mihalik shines. I like the part where she's posing next to the building background.

Lastly is the Beauty issue with Bruna Tenorio.

Click on link for more scans by Kazaf at The Fashion Spot.


Anonymous said...

vogue china is stepping it up.

Jordan said...

They LOVE Du Juan. She was on their premiere issue and has gone on to do fantastic things so im sure they share a special relationship. Personally i cant get enough of Du Juan but there are some breakout chinese faces- Shu Pei and Liu Wen and making waves!