Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vogue Beauty : Prime Time

For once, I do not know where to start or which pic to choose from. This is just how captivating these beauty shots are. Although it's obvious that Julia Dunstall is more like the main star here, both Daul Kim and Iekeliene shots do not fall far behind. That is why I decided to post the whole editorial. Kudos for Daul for making it in Vogue Nippon because by far, this particular Vogue is famous for favoring Western models. One similarity that the three models have are their hair color- platinum blonde. Now, where is Raquel? On another note, Daul posted on her blog:
"i grew up in super muslim area in malaysia when i was a child

it was in terenganu so its not same, but really simmilar !!!"

Cool! I'm from Malaysia too, glad to know that this hot model once grew up here.

(scans from MAGstyle@tfs)

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