Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Kennys

There are quite a number of model siblings in the fashion business. There are Missy and Frankie Rayder, Gemma Ward and her sister Sophie Ward, and the lesser known Aida and Ieva Aniulyte.

This season is all about Ann Kenny and her twin sister Kirby. Though both of them are twins, they stand out separately. Ann is by far the more successful twin with her brunette long hair and fierce stare. Kirby is the more sweet girl next door twin with her blonde hair and her big doe eyes seeking for your attention. Together, this pair of twins have walked Celine, Marc Jacobs and Burberry. Apart, Kirby walked for Miu Miu while Ann did Prada.

Seeing double at Burberry

Better keep an eye for this twins!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Kim Noorda's Battle with Her Weight

No one ever knows. No one ever thought the beautiful Kim Noorda, with sparkling blue eyes and milky skin has been battling with her weight gain.

This is Kim Noorda's story. A story that we had became familiar with, of almost all models experienced, their fear of gaining weight and maintaining their "perfect ideal weight" and being pressured by the fashion world. What they don't understand it that the fashion world is asking these girls to put their health at risks and making them feeling so insecure about themselves. Models like Kim started out when they are still teenagers and when they grow up to be adults, the fashion world just won't let them grow.

It's a pity, really, doing these to our beloved models. They are human too. I wish Kim Noorda all the best in finding her true self. She is so courageous to share this with all of us, telling us that models are human too after all.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fall Winter Top

Thanks to Faith Akiyama @ tfs, here's the full list of the top catwalkers.

Top 10 in 4 cities (NY, London, Milan & Paris)

10. Sophie Srej (55 shows)

9. Alana Zimmer & Iris Strubegger (56 shows)

8. Kasia Struss (57 shows)

7. Tao Okamoto (59 shows)

6. Shu Pei Qin ( 60 shows)

5. Constance Jablonski ( 61 shows)

4. Hanne Gaby Odiele & Lisanne de Jong (63 shows)

3. Anastasia Kuznetsova (65 shows)

2. Frida Gustavsson, Monika Jagaciak, Sigrid Argen (70 shows)

1. Jacquelyn Jablonski (74 shows)

Top 5 Openers

5. Anja Rubik, Ann Kenny, Frida Gustavsson, Iris Strubegger,
Keke Lindgard, Kelsey Van Mook, Kristy Kaurova, & Mirte Maas (4 shows)

4. Jacquelyn Jablonski & Karmen Pedaru (5 shows)

3. Karlie Kloss, Natasha Poly, & Sigrid Agren (6 shows)

2. Abbey Lee Kershaw & Freja Beha Erichsen (8 shows)

1. Monika Jagaciak (13 Shows)

Top 5 Closers

5. Iris Strubegger, Natasha Poly, & Siri Tollerod (5 shows)

4. Anastasia Kuznetsova (6 shows)

3. Sigrid Agren (7 shows)

2. Freja Beha Erichsen (10 shows)

1. Monika Jagaciak (11 shows)

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Elegant and Chic

These two might be a very different covers but somehow both manages to catch my attention. The first Vogue Turkey cover is oh-so elegant. Cover girl Jessica Stam looks so gorgeous on it- the pose, the gaze especially with those eyes of hers- everything is so perfect; and that's what you need for the premiere issue- Vogue Turkey cleverly enough manages to do that-to get the attention of not only the Turkish readers but all over the world. Abbey Lee's Vogue Australia cover is the exact opposite version. But the summery feel that the cover `gave really interests me. The seductive, teasing stare that Abbey gave is fresh for a Vogue cover.You usually gets a model posing for a cover and although most argued that the Australian version is merely Vogue quality, I think a little twist to the traditional cover is more than welcomed. I, for one, love the cover, Abbey is definitely the go-to model for this cover and even the orange font did it for me. Two of my favorite cover for the month of March (and this too, of course!).

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Asian Supers at Givenchy; Lily & Raquel walked exclusively

The casting of the models at this season's runway is just so surprising. The VS angels are appearing at big shows, shows that you don't expect to see them. Think Prada, Giles, Louis Vuitton etc. All this might be influenced by the brand that started this trend : Givenchy (for casting Adriana Lima for Fall 2009). Again, Givenchy surprises us this season with the model casting - the variety of the models are amazing-equally enough black models and Asians- more surprisingly- two Asian supermodels walked for the show- Ling Tan and Ai Tominaga.

After all the surprises, I wonder how next season will be. Will we be seeing the likes of Daria, Hana, Gemma, Isabeli and Liya returnig to the runway or perhaps more Caroline, Sasha, Coco, Hilary and Raquel. Speaking of which, Lily Donaldson finally appeared at Louis Vuitton and Raquel did only Chloé this entire season.

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