Monday, March 22, 2010

Kim Noorda's Battle with Her Weight

No one ever knows. No one ever thought the beautiful Kim Noorda, with sparkling blue eyes and milky skin has been battling with her weight gain.

This is Kim Noorda's story. A story that we had became familiar with, of almost all models experienced, their fear of gaining weight and maintaining their "perfect ideal weight" and being pressured by the fashion world. What they don't understand it that the fashion world is asking these girls to put their health at risks and making them feeling so insecure about themselves. Models like Kim started out when they are still teenagers and when they grow up to be adults, the fashion world just won't let them grow.

It's a pity, really, doing these to our beloved models. They are human too. I wish Kim Noorda all the best in finding her true self. She is so courageous to share this with all of us, telling us that models are human too after all.

(pic from and fmd)

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