Saturday, July 4, 2009

The girls are back

Apart from US Vogue favoring celebrities on its' cover, other Vogues has always featured models. This month (for the July/August issues) is no different either but the casting is a little surprising for me.

First is Vogue Italia with Kristen McMenamy on the cover. This is truly one of the best Vogue Italia cover. Kristen McMenamy truly shines this cover with her supermodel aura.

Anja Rubik used to be the model that is established but only appears on editorials, campaigns and walks down the runway every now and then. After being with this business for a few years, she only got her first Vogue cover for the Germany version on July last year. Then, Anja appeared as the cover girl for Vogue Korea, followed by Vogue Paris for the June/July issue and now she's on Vogue Nippon for the August issue. What's next? Vogue Italia?

Caroline Trentini walks exclusively for Yves Saint Laurent last season and then dissappeared to have her long deserved break. Since then. she's been laying low only to appear on US Vogue's models of the moment issue. It is around the right time that Vogue Brazil feature one of its' country brightest model on their own cover.

On another note, newcomer Kelsey van Mook went to Australia for its' fashion week and nabbed the cover at once. I actually like this cover despite it being plain. As you can see from this post, I favor white background photoshoots. It makes the models stand out than just let them drown into the background. Back to Kelsey, her biggest break is opening Givenchy last season. Could she be the top runway newcomer next season? I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


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Fashion Moment said...

Perfect covers, especially 1st and 2nd!