Thursday, August 13, 2009


The horrendous Gucci campaign which I loved more and more day by day seeing only Freja and Anja rocking it in every shot they were in. I don't get Raquel's poses which I thought were funnier than fierce but Raquel being her always pulled out the most outstanding poses. I have to say that she is the only one who's not afraid of doing something different though most of us (me included) do not know how to appreciate it. Natasha did fierce in all of her shots which did not fail her but seeing it in all 8 shots makes it a little boring. Abbey, Myf, Jacquetta, Dree and Jamie are more like sidekicks here. Poor Myf, she have to stand in the background doing the same poses. If I have not noticed, I would have thought she was just cut and paste into the background. Jamie does not fit into this campaign at all- she is lost in almost all of her pics. Jacquetta has the worst outfit and hairstyle. She looks like she belongs to the guys more than the girls. Abbey and Dree- where do I start? First of all, they're more like cameos in this ad, appearing in a shot and then disappeared and appear in another shot. Their presence is forgettable. To sum it all, a rather disappointing campaign given that the cast most of the top models. Gucci could have done much better and please, why don't they change the models' outfits. It's the same as in Pre-Fall where the same outfits were used in all of their ads. Please change this formula. Is it really working, I wonder.

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