Sunday, May 24, 2009

W: 100% Fashion

It's claim: 100% fashion. It's rumored to feature dozens of models. But other than these two group shots and a few others, I can clearly notice that this editorial is mainly focused on Karlie Kloss and Sigrid Argen.

Both of them certainly compliment each other. They look good together and kind of resemble each other. Karlie could be edgier and Sigrid on the softer part.

Then it shift to just focus on Sigrid..

or plain Karlie...

However, there's another dynamic duo spotted, Dorothea and Nimue (I kinda like this pairing.)

I love most of the shots featured- most of which I posted here- but I think they should give more exposure to the other girls. I am sure they did equally well but because there's a strain of only publishing a certain number of shots does not mean that all of them have to end up being nothing. I guess this is a harsh fashion world, anyways.

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