Sunday, April 25, 2010

Offline Mode

Sorry, I've been lacking in updating lately. I've been focusing on another unrelated blog recently thus making this blog dull, unattended and empty. Lately, I have not been giving much attention to the fashion world- what's going on, the cover girls etc. I will try to update as much as I can, I promise. Another high point is that this blog has hit more than 22,ooo visitors- though that may not be much- but, that's A LOT to me. I started this blog because I'm just a little fan of Coco Rocha and her G2000 ad attracted me. Little did I know that I will be following fashion later on. Deep down, I'm still a normal shirt and jeans kinda person but now, I know a lot more about fashion, models and designers than my peers although I'm still a rookie in the fashion world.

Before I leave, have you heard of Imogen's blog. Our favourite cute model have one of her own photoblog, Poison Dart .Make sure you visit it!

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