Sunday, July 4, 2010

Might or Might Not Be

I will just keep this simple. For those that are still reading or happens to stumble upon this blog, thanks for visiting. But if you notice the date that I update this blog is not so frequent anymore. I took a look at my posts and realized that I only updated a total of 6 post from the month of April until July. When I look at fashion blogs, I do not have that kind of enthusiasm that I had last year anymore. Simply said, I might be leaving this blog, left it unattended until the day comes that will lift me up with the same kind of excitement as the day I started this blog. Who knows, it might be happening in a week, or when fashion week starts in September, next year or sadly, never. I can't guarantee when I will write again, or post a new post. What I can guarantee is that I will leave this blog as it is. I really hope that I won't be leaving too but my time are preoccupied with so many other things and my lack of inspiration is making me decide otherwise.
Till we meet again. Signing off.


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joven said...

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