Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another season of Rodarte-ness

Rodarte Spring Summer 2008

Rodarte Fall Winter 2008

Rodarte Spring Summer 2009

Rodarte surprises us with their Spring 2008 collection when they start to experiment with collage and amazes us with their breathtaking evening dresses. It is still very fresh and raw for the next Fall 2008 collection. The colors are more dark- blood red, a lot of white and black but the dresses are again- beautiful. I, especially loves the long train on Karlie. Spring 2009 collection is like a fairy tale come true, every single clothes look like a fairy flying out from Neverland. It has become like a tradition for Rodarte though to make a full collection from similar looking outfits. The dresses again are just so wonderful. Very beautiful. Then came Fall 2009, and again, the outfits looks exactly the same as in previous seasons. Maybe we've been seeing this for like more than a year and sometimes a little change is better than none. Yes, the color changes, it's warmer this season and there's some changes here and there, no chains more leathers. But the clothes looks the same and after every season going "wow" there's no more "surprises" anymore. And the dresses are gone this season too. They are surely lacking something here...

Rodarte Fall Winter 2009

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