Friday, February 6, 2009

The Next Elie Saab, perhaps?

Introducing two designers fresh from the Rome Fashion Week. First up is Lebanese designer Abed Mahfouz. His designs is soft, pastel colored with crystal embellishments. You can just imagine these dresses worn for any awards show by the celebrities.

Then, there's Tony Ward, also a Lebanese. His style is very feminine. Elegant but structured.A little girly but still grown up. Also suitable for awards but I think this will appeal more for a younger market. Look at the white mini dress the model's wearing ( far right) , so cute, right?

Though it is Rome Fashion Week, but in my opinion these two Lebanese shines through. But I would prefer to see another Lebanese talent doing something different. Elie Saab, Abed Mahfouz and Tony Ward shares the talent in designing BEAUTIFUL evening gowns but something different would be refreshing.

(photos from yahoo! news)

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