Saturday, October 10, 2009

End of Fashion Week

No more models spotting. No more anticipation of designers shows. No more chaos, crazy backstage photos. I still can't believe that Spring Summer 2010 fashion week has ended. It was just recently that all this chaos started at New York, then London, by the time it reach Milan- it was all craziness and then it hit Paris and now it has ended. Overall, I have to say despite all the recession going on, the shows goes on especially at Paris where all the big branded major brands still delivers. Among all the things that I missed most is the finale walkout of all the models showcasing the clothes of each designers. I, personally thinks that that is the highlight of each show. It is where it all comes together whether the designer stick to the same theme and created like 40 clothes under the same influence or when they failed and each clothes does not resemble one another and when it just a random idea.

(image from yahoo news)

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