Friday, December 18, 2009

The name is Abi Fox

It seems like not too long ago, I am obsessed with "A Model's Life with Petra Nemcova". No, I'm not particularly a Petra fan but I am fond of one of its' participant, a British girl called Abigail Fox. She was young, very sweet and very girl next door look. As soon as the show end, most of the girls disappeared including Abigail.

It was a surprise to see her on the presentation for Temperly London Pre-Fall 2010. I'm glad she continued modeling. She is with Models 1 in London after a unsuccesful attempt at Next. I remember seeing her in their New Faces board, looks like she has changed management. Being with Next,she doesn't seem to grow. It's good news that she booked the show after changing agents.

Abi Fox (as she is called now) certainly look more grown up. She's grown taller I believe and is, unfortunately, a thinner self. Her baby face has gone to show a sharper face-particularly noticeable with her cheekbones.


I certainly hope that she'll continue to succeed. I believe she has put so much effort just for the sake to continue modeling. This is just her beginning, I hope I will see her at NY. Fingers crossed!

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